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Did you know that Dina Shanae writes fiction?

Welcome back loves! Today, I want to share a bit of the fiction novel I've been working on for YEARS! Anyone who's written a book knows how time-consuming and tricky it can be.

When you view any work of art you don't just see what the artist put before you. You bring your past experiences, your current emotional state, and your level of understanding at the time to relate to what's presented. This is why a book can speak different messages to different people. Why a song can give you goosebumps and a painting can make you cry. Art is subjective to who we are at the time. As I continue to work on my book, I change and evolve as a writer, finding my voice and improving my craft as I go.

I want you all to be the first to get a preview of my first fiction novel, A Goodman's Wife. It's based around the life of five couples. These couples' lives are filled with drama, stife, and triumphs that shape how they relate to their partners and each other.

This is my baby yall. I hope you enjoy this excerpt!

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events, and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

A Goodman's Wife

Jacob and Trisha

Jake and Trisha are the couple who is always fighting. And not in the cute, old people fussing way. I mean the throwing stuff, cursing, slapping each other, call the po-po kind of way. They could never make it through a full week without drama. But no matter how many fights they got into, they always ended up back together.

Jake was an ex-football player who never went beyond college ball, and couldn’t get over the fact that he didn’t go pro. After a career-ending knee injury during his junior year at Notre Dame, he was never the same again. That’s where he met Trisha. She was a freshman at the time and enamored with him. He boosted her status, and he loved having her as his main arm candy. But that didn’t stop him from sampling the many other options available to a handsome college athlete. After Jake got hurt, he dropped out of school and landed a job working with his brother Brandon at the local manufacturing plant.

While Jake was figuring out his life post-football, Trisha wanted to solidify her place as his one and only. So, one night, after a long evening of partying, Trisha slipped on the condom she’d pinpricked earlier that day. Jake was so drunk he didn’t even realize that he was using a condom she’d brought and not one from his nightstand. A few weeks later and voila, Trisha is the one and only baby momma to be.

Growing up in a Pentecostal household, Jake knew there was no way his parents, the pastor and first lady of Greater Faith Apostolic Church, would ever be ok with him bringing a bastard into the world. Plus, he loved Trisha, so he proposed a few weeks later. They wasted no time tying the knot, marrying when Trisha was about 6 months pregnant. A few months later, their daughter, Zana was born. And Jake and Trisha have been fighting ever since.

Gregory and Gina

"You have to talk to me,” Gina said.

“No, what I have to do is go to work before I’m late. Don’t be here when I get back.”

“But Greg, you can’t mean that! We can work this out, please!”

“When are you going to get it through your head? I don’t want you. You are the biggest mistake I could have made. I’m done with you, and this marriage. Like I said. I’m late. I don’t want to see you when I get back.”

Gina sat there stunned as the door slammed behind her husband. She couldn’t understand how all her dreams of happily ever after had turned into a cruel nightmare in just a few months. Everything in her life had been on a downhill spiral since she said, “I do” just seven months ago. It all started on the honeymoon. They were relaxing in marital bliss, on a sandy white beach in Cancun when she noticed Greg looking just a little too long at someone walking by. She tried to dismiss it in her mind.

“No, we’re past that,” she thought. “That was all in the past and God would not let me marry this man if he hadn’t truly changed.”

Gina pushed all the negative thoughts and images of her man cheating on her to the back of her mind and let the heat of the sun pull her back to the moment. Looking over at her beautiful husband she couldn’t help but be grateful for how far they’d come. Gina and Greg had been together for over 10 years but had only recently gotten married. She’d wanted to be his wife ever since she laid eyes on him opening his locker at their high school. Now he was finally hers. Or so she thought.

Gina rolled over to her stomach on the lounge chair. “Baby, could you put some sunscreen on my back?” She asked seductively. His eyes met hers, then traveled down to her soft shoulders, the silky caramel skin on her back, and down over the round mounds of her backside. He eagerly got up and grabbed the sunscreen. Gina was pleased with herself. That night would be their first time together. They’d taken a vow of celibacy and hadn’t touched each other sexually since they’d met. Even though they’d both been celibate, Gina knew Greg was no virgin, but as far as Greg knew, Gina was. She hoped he wouldn’t be able to tell tonight when they made love. Because Gina was harboring a secret that could not ruin not only her marriage but a host of other marriages as well.

Christian and Leah

Leah looked down at the third pregnancy test she’d taken this week. “Shit.” She swore. Negative again. Chris and Leah had been trying to get pregnant for the past year. Their third wedding anniversary was coming up, and Leah hoped to give him a baby as his gift. But her body and fate had other plans for them.

Fate was cruel and twisted. While her broke sister and no good baby daddy had six kids, she couldn’t give her husband one child to call his own. Leah didn’t know how much longer their marriage could survive under the constant pressure of fertility drugs, sex schedules, and raging hormones. All she wanted was a baby, now.

Christian entered the bathroom just as Leah began to wash her hands. He could tell by the look on her face that the test had been negative. He pulled her into his arms from behind. “Don’t worry honey. It’ll happen for us. Just be patient love. Remember, God didn’t bless Rachel with a child until she was well into old age.”

“This isn’t the bible days Chris! And I’m not Rachel! God is blessing everyone else but me!”

The sudden pain in her face took her by surprise. The slap was so fast that it’d barely registered as she reached up to touch her stinging cheek with her palm. “I’m sorry Christian.” She said as she hung her head low. He reached up and gently grabbed her chin.

“God makes no mistakes Leah. You would do well to remember that.” Christian leaned in and kissed her on the forehead before leaving the bathroom. Leah rinsed her face with cool water and dried it with a washcloth. She made a mental note to be more careful of her words next time, after all, Chris was a well-respected minister. It was inappropriate to speak to him with that tone of voice. She put on a smile and headed downstairs to prepare dinner. She was making his favorite. Barbeque ribs, mac and cheese, asparagus, and her famous pound cake for dessert. She walked into the kitchen determined to salvage their evening with a good meal, that she hoped would lead to an even better evening of passionate lovemaking.

Leah glanced over at Christian across their spacious great room, relaxing with his feet propped on the coffee table. He had a basketball game on television, but he wasn’t watching it. He was on his phone with a satisfied grin on his face. “What’s he doing on his phone?” Leah thought though she’d never ask him. Christian glanced up and caught her looking at him. His face turned sour.

“Can I help you, Leah?”

“No, honey, I just wanted to ask if you’d prefer ribs or chicken? I took both out.”

“Actually, I’m about to head out to grab something with the fellas. We’re going to play pool afterward so don’t wait up.” Christian stood and strode towards the front closet to retrieve his jacket.

“Oh, ok honey. Have a good night. I’ll see you in the morning.” Leah crossed the room to meet him at the door.

“Yup. Love you.” He said as he reached for the handle.

“I love you too Christian.” She said and leaned in for a kiss. He gave her a quick peck and then was out the door. So much for an evening of lovemaking, Leah thought as she sighed to herself.


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